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“Innovative Solutions for Creative Cultural Equity”


About PCEI

The Providence Cultural Equity Initiative (PCEI) is an Agency that promotes, cultivates and advocates for the Cultural Sector of Rhode Island.  PCEI advises and consults with private, corporate and public entities to culturally enhance their development, branding and marketing initiatives.  PCEI also manages and produces events that highlight and showcase authentic cultural resources and communities. 


PCEI Mission, Vision & Value

The Mission of PCEI is “to steward Rhode Island’s Cultural Sector & Economy”.  The Vision of PCEI is “to transform Rhode Island into New England’s premier cultural hub”.  PCEI’s Value Proposition is that we provide clients with “Innovative Solutions for Creative Cultural Equity“.


PCEI Philosophy

PCEI’s work is based in the philosophy that each of us, in some form or fashion, is “Walking in Two Worlds“.  This concept is derived from the words of CEO/Founder Raymond Two Hawks Watson’s great grand uncle, the late Nahaganset Sachem Edward Sunset Michael, who stated that he was “…an Indian of today; a modern man who forgets not the faith of his forefathers.” It is this wisdom that serves as the foundation and inspiration for PCEI’s work.


PCEI Commitment

PCEI supports and values uncompromising commitment to authenticity, equity and economic sustainability when working with Cultural Communities and Cultural Practitioners.  PCEI’s work focuses on both the Importance and the Benefit of Cultural Development by promoting and presenting opportunities for engagement with and exposure to the Cultural Sector and Economy.


PCEI Strategy for Success

PCEI’s strategy for success is rooted in an intimate and well-established affiliation with and understanding of the Cultural Sector & Economy.  This relationship allows PCEI to serve as a Platform for informing, educating and presenting opportunities for and with authentic Cultural Communities and Cultural Practitioners, in a manner that is both culturally appropriate and economically sustainable.  Simultaneously, it allows PCEI to serve as a Clearinghouse for organizations, institutions, businesses, stakeholders and enthusiasts interested in respectfully and effectively engaging with, investing in and supporting authentic cultural expressions and experiences.  Ultimately, this combination positions PCEI to serve as a cultural and brand Ambassador for our clients on regional, national and international levels.


PCEI Innovation Team Members meeting with Neil D. Steinberg, President and CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation



PCEI Key Initiatives



Living Culture RI (LCRI) is PCEI’s Cultural Tourism arm that delivers opportunities for dynamic and genre-defying traditional and contemporary pan-cultural experiences.  LCRI is the premier resource for Cultural Tourists visiting Rhode Island to engage with the true depth and breadth of the rich cultural history, heritage and diversity that calls Rhode Island home.



Cultural Exchange and Ambassadorship

The strongest and most successful business relationships are maintained through constant communication, consistent interaction and a comprehensive understanding of and respect for cultural norms and values.   To foment an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, PCEI cultivates and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and individuals to encourage a fertile space for innovative, culturally respectful and economically sustainable collaboration by highlighting cultural diversity as a natural resource capable of creating new opportunities for cultural exchange, trade and commerce. Simultaneously, this strategy allows PCEI to gain a deeper understanding of the unique cultural characteristics of each partner and clients, enhancing PCEI’s ability to effectively brand, market, promote and facilitate appropriate and ongoing opportunities for support and investment.  Specifically, PCEI’s Cultural Exchange and Ambassadorship initiative achieves these goals by 1) Inspiring national and international interest and opportunities for trade & commerce and academic & cultural exchange; 2) Facilitating quality economic opportunities that result in tangible exchange designed to develop the cultural sector & economy and encourage & attract new cultural tourism market opportunities; 3) Developing cultural branding content to increase market exposure and expansion; and 4) Creating a sustainable international communications and support network to encourage and cultivate ongoing commerce and trade initiatives.






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