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“Innovative Solutions for Creative Cultural Equity”


The Providence Cultural Equity Initiative (PCEI) is a Cultural Consultancy Firm based in Providence, Rhode Island that promotes & cultivates Cultural Equity in the sectors of Education, the Arts, Tourism and Food & Beverage through the means of Advocacy, Awareness, Cultural Development and Consultation. The Mission of PCEI is “to lead the development of Rhode Island’s Cultural Sector & Economy”.  The Vision of PCEI is “to be the premier Clearinghouse for authentic cultural expression, experience, and investment in the northeast United States”.  PCEI’s Value Proposition is that we provide clients with “Innovative Solutions for Creative Cultural Equity“.

PCEI’s strategy for success is two-pronged and rooted in an intimate and well-established affiliation with and understanding of the Cultural Sector & Economy.  This relationship allows PCEI to serve as a Platform for informing, educating and presenting opportunities for authentic Cultural Communities and Cultural Practitioners to raise awareness about and support for their cultural expressions and resources, in a manner that is both culturally appropriate and economically sustainable.  Simultaneously, it allows PCEI to serve as a Clearinghouse for organizations, institutions, businesses, stakeholders and enthusiasts interested in engaging with, investing in and supporting authentic cultural expressions and experiences, in a manner that is both respectful and impacting.  Ultimately, this combination positions PCEI to serve as a cultural and brand Ambassador for our clients on regional, national and international levels.

PCEI’s Innovation Team Members utilize their knowledge, skills and local, regional, national and international relationships to raise the cultural capital and value of and for our clients.  PCEI achieves this goal by highlighting and cultivating the expressions and heritage of marginalized Cultural Communities and Cultural Practitioners, in a manner that serves to equitably educate, inform and enhance the community as a whole.  In this fashion PCEI serves as the bridge that connects communities to create a brighter future for us all.

PCEI Innovation Team Members meeting with Neil D. Steinberg, President & CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation

PCEI supports Programs and Initiatives that value uncompromising commitment to authenticity, equity and respect when working with Cultural Communities and Cultural Practitioners.  PCEI’s initiatives are always intended to promote and present more and better opportunities for cultural economic self-sufficiency and sustainability, by advocating for, raising awareness about and working to institutionalize resources and supports for marginalized and undervalued Cultural Communities and Cultural Practitioners.  PCEI’s key initiatives include:





LivingCultureRI.com (LCRI) is a Rhode Island based cultural web magazine that highlights the traditional and contemporary expressions of New England’s Cultural Communities, Practitioners and resources.  LCRI provides site visitors with ongoing opportunities to visually and audibly experience the unique and diverse music, art, food & beverage and cultural celebrations, festivals and traditions of the northeast, combined with informative blog posts on contemporary cultural issues, local and regional cultural consumer and investment opportunities, and information and updates on authentic cultural events, initiatives and experiences taking place throughout the New England region.  LCRI is the premier resource for the authentic northeastern cultural experience; the best place to explore New England’s Living Culture.


Cultural Equity Think Tank


The Cultural Equity Think Tank (CETT) is a convener of Rhode Island’s most experienced and innovative interdisciplinary Cultural Practitioners and Representatives, who are committed to promoting and supporting investment in the cultivation and empowerment of Rhode Island’s emerging Cultural Sector.  CETT serves as a consultative committee of Cultural Experts, providing research and advisement on the development and implementation of institutional opportunities for constructive cultural initiatives and programming in and for the Rhode Island community.  The CETT also serves as a professional networking and informational sharing platform, presenting opportunities for collaborative engagement and mutual support among participating Cultural Experts.  Applying best-practices and lessons learned from successfully working in Rhode Island’s cultural sector and beyond, the CETT seeks to address Rhode Island’s most pressing social, economic and political issues in a manner that endorses and promotes socially cohesive policies and initiatives, that are beneficial to the Rhode Island community at large.




The ATXXPVD Trade Show & Showcase is an annual commerce initiative fueled by the best of Rhode Island as reflected in art, music, trade, commerce and culture.  In partnership with King Saint Germain and Events Unlimited, ATXXPVD is hosted in Austin, Texas during the annual SXSW Music Festival.   ATXXPVD is designed to showcase the “Capital City” and state of Rhode Island, with a goal of raising awareness about and facilitating economic development initiatives, trade & commerce and promoting the cultural tourism opportunities and resources of Rhode Island at one of the largest music festivals in the world.


Cultural Exchange and Ambassadorship


The strongest and most successful business relationships are maintained through constant communication, consistent interaction and a comprehensive understanding of and respect for cultural norms and values.   To foment an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, PCEI cultivates and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and individuals to encourage a fertile space for innovative, culturally respectful and economically sustainable collaboration by highlighting cultural diversity as a natural resource capable of creating new opportunities for cultural exchange, trade and commerce. Simultaneously, this strategy allows PCEI to gain a deeper understanding of the unique cultural characteristics of each partner and clients, enhancing PCEI’s ability to effectively brand, market, promote and facilitate appropriate and ongoing opportunities for support and investment.  Specifically, PCEI’s Cultural Exchange and Ambassadorship initiative achieves these goals by 1) Inspiring national and international interest and opportunities for trade & commerce and academic & cultural exchange; 2) Facilitating quality economic opportunities that result in tangible exchange designed to develop the cultural sector & economy and encourage & attract new cultural tourism market opportunities; 3) Developing cultural branding content to increase market exposure and expansion; and 4) Creating a sustainable international communications and support network to encourage and cultivate ongoing commerce and trade initiatives.


Cultural Equity Guidebook Initiative


In September of 2015 PCEI began partnereing with AS220 to convene cultural practitioners, activists, funders, and organizers throughout the Rhode Island community to support the development of a Cultural Guidebook, based upon feedback and recommendations from the local Cultural Community on how to support culturally-specific and multi-cultural initiatives in Rhode Island.  The process included a review and critique of the City of Providence’s cultural plan, ongoing “cultural convening” sessions to obtain and implement community feedback into the process, and adoption of the terms “Cultural Practitioner” and “Cultural Community” to professionalize, more equitably support and more appropriately define the artistic expressions of Cultural Representatives in the Rhode Island community.  The Cultural Guidebook serves as a grass-roots, organic and authentic road map for effectively supporting and fostering the development of Rhode Island’s cultural sector.


New England Native American Culture Week & Big Drum Powwow


The New England Native American Culture Week (NENACW) is a week-long educational and social celebration of events that highlight and promote the Eastern Woodland American Indian culture and traditions.  Initiated by Raymond Two Hawks Watson, since 2009 the NENACW has annually featured panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibits, keynote speakers and the annual Big Drum Powwow, and all events are free and open to the public.  The NENACW is a partnership between PCEI, Rhode Island College (RIC), Eastern Medicine Cultural, LLC, the Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Inc, the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA), the Roger Williams National Memorial, Practico Innovation and Providenc City Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune, and has received past support from former Providence City Councilman Kevin Jackson, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities (RICH) and Walgreen’s.


International Indigenous Peoples Cultural Conference

17 2ip2c flyer

The International Indigenous Peoples Cultural Conference (2IP2C) is an annual convening of cultural practitioners, representatives, supporters and enthusiasts from varying backgrounds and nationalities that share an interest in unifying, preserving and cultivating the indigenous cultural history, heritage and diversity of the Americas and beyond.  The 2IP2C features informative workshops, cultural performances and panel discussions with internationally recognized and respected Indigenous leaders, in topic areas related to Identity & Sovereignty, Economic  Empowerment & Self-Sufficiency and Remedy & Advancement.  The 2IP2C’s ultimate goal is to highlight, honor and pay homage to the rich diversity that comprises the Pan-Indigenous Community.  The 2IP2C is a partnership between Roger Williams University’s School of Continuing Studies, the Federation of Aboriginal Nations of America (FANA), the Rhode Island Chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation, Luna Photography, King St Germain, LatinMix100.com, Consolidated Consulting & Recruiting Services, LLC (CCRS) and PCEI, with support from the RI Department of Health and City of Providence.


Living Culture Indigeneity Conference


The Living Culture Indigeneity Conference is an annual multi-day conference witha  goal of informing and educating the public about pan-indigenism and international efforts to promote indigenous rights.  Through panel discussions, workshops and cultural exchange events the LCIC explores the complexity of pan-indigenous identities, highlights and discusses pan-indigenous economic development and sustainability efforts, encourages youth leadership and promotes efforts for social cohesion though peace, nonviolence and cultural equity in and for indigenous communities worldwide.  The LCIC is supported by the Offices of Community, Equity and Diversity & Professional Studies and Continuing Education at Rhode Island College, Global Cultural Understanding and Economic Development (G CUED), the Federation of Aboriginal Nations of America (FANA), the Peace Flag Project, the New York Regional Office of the US Census Bureau, the RI State Council on the Arts, HigherGround International and Practico Innovation.


Sound Session Culture & Music Festival

Photo by Frank Mullin Contact/Usage: info@frankmullin.com Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved
Photo by Frank Mullin Contact/Usage: info@frankmullin.com Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved

Sound Session is a “genre-defying” culture and music festival that serves as the cross-section of the diversity of cultural narratives that comprise the Rhode Island community. The Festival was originally established in 2004 by PCEI Chief Creative Officer Donald W. King, former Artistic Director of the Providence Black Repertory Company, and PCEI Advisor Cliff Wood, former Director of the City of Providence’s Department of Art, Culture, and Tourism.  The keystone of the three day festival is the Sound Session Parade, which invites participation from venues in and around the City of  Providence, and is aimed at highlighting the diversity of cultures that exist in Rhode Island. The Sound Session Parade is designed to encourage social cohesion by showcasing and respectfully honoring the narrative histories and legacies of the many cultures who now call Rhode Island home.





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